Thai Dishes You Need to Try

Thailand is well known for its beautiful scenery and people of easy smiles, but perhaps one of its top attributes is its delicious food. Mouth watering spices and scents of zesty lemon are worth flying over several time zones for. On the other hand maybe you can try it at home. Whatever the case, here are five Thai dishes you need to try that will get you hooked. 1) Geng Kheaw Wan (Green Curry) The mouth watering combination of lemongrass and bamboo along with Thailand’s favourite fish sauce, makes this the number one for many Thai food fans. This Thai masterpiece has everything in terms of aroma and taste. Just a note on Thai curry colours, green curry tends to be sweeter than spicy red curry. 2) Pad Thai Original Pad Thai or phat Thai is often be found served by street vendors and is a popular dish amongst locals and visitors alike. This Thai speciality usually consists of a combination of fresh rice, noodles, tofu, egg and vegetables all stir fried in a wok along with a perfect blend of sauces and spices that is bound to get your mouth watering. 3) Papaya Salad (Som Tam) An unmistakable sweet and sour taste, this is one of the quickest and simplest  of all Thai foods. It consists of a  tasty mix of salty fish sauce, hot chili, lime juice, all mixed together to generate unique taste . 4) Tom Yam Goong Usually based on chicken or fish as the main ingredient, this delicious Thai dish combines all the best elements of hot and sour tastes. It’s combination of herbs, lemon grass, chili, kefir lime leaves, create a truly addictive blend. Sometimes combined with fresh prawns or straw mushrooms for variety. 5) Mango Sticky Rice Moving from savoury to sweet, this Thai dessert is the ideal end to your Thai dining experience. Cooked in sweet  coconut milk replete with fresh mango, this dessert is definitely something to look forward to after your main Thai dish. Whether you fly half way across the world to enjoy these Thai specialities or try them at home, there’s no doubt when it comes to Thai food, it is definitely a case of once bitten, forever smitten.

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