How to Make Pumpkin Ravioli

How to Make Pumpkin Ravioli Making pumpkin ravioli from scratch is quite a task. You have to make the pasta, make the filling, fill the ravioli, make a sauce, boil the ravioli and then add the sauce. Using these simple steps, you can skip most of the tough work and end up with the same great tasting pumpkin ravioli. All you need to execute this recipe is one package of wonton wrappers, which are typically found in the deli section of the supermarket, one can of pumpkin pie filling, 1/2 cup of shredded Parmesan, 1 stick of butter, 1/2 cup of walnuts and 3 or 4 crispy vanilla cookies (optional). If you are a big cheese fan, you can skip the butter and walnuts and buy or make some Alfredo sauce. If you are making pumpkin ravioli for an event and you are trying to save time, you can make these ahead of time and freeze them. However, they must be frozen flat and not touching each other or they will stick together and explode when you boil them later. If you have the freezer space, line a sheet tray with wax paper, wax side up, place the ravioli on the paper and cover with plastic wrap before freezing. The first step to this simple homemade pumpkin ravioli is to open the can of pumpkin pie stuffing and scoop the contents into a bowl. If you chose to use cookies as well, blend them in a food processor and add the powder to the pumpkin. Lastly, add your Parmesan cheese and stir until blended. The next step is to build the pumpkin raviolis. Take your wonton wrappers out of the package and place them on a clean work surface. Grab a teaspoon, a small dish of water and a dry plate. Take a single wonton wrapper and place a spoonful of filling in the center. Next, dip your finger or pastry brush in water and run it along the edge of the wrapper. Place another wonton wrapper over the first and line up the edges. Press down firmly on the edges until they are sealed. Make sure there are no spaces in the seal or empty pockets in the center. This will cause your filling to leak out when you boil the ravioli. Continue building until you have enough ravioli. Next, you will want to start the sauce and boil water for ravioli. The ravioli will only take a few moments to boil, so it is best to make the sauce while the water boils. All you need to do is heat the butter in a sauté pan and let it simmer until it browns slightly. Add the walnuts and then take the pan off the heat. Add the raviolis to the boiling water. Do not leave them unattended. It will only take one or two minutes for them to heat and the wonton to reach the desired tenderness. Once they are floating, they are done. Carefully pour out the water and ravioli into a colander. Do this gently to prevent breakage. All that is left to do is to place the ravioli in a bowl and pour your brown butter walnut sauce over it. If you opted for Alfredo sauce, do the same after heating the sauce. You can add a little Parmesan as a garnish.

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